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Nicotine Inhalers

Nicorette Inhaler is a mouthpiece similar to a cigarette in appearance; when loaded it contains a cartridge loaded with 10mg of nicotine, approximately 4 mg of which is used per cartridge.

Nicorette inhalerWhen you puff on the mouthpiece the cartridge releases nicotine to relieve your craving.

Because this product is designed to be held like a cigarette, your hands are kept busy.

Each cartridge supplies less nicotine than a cigarette and helps you avoid the harmful physical (irritation) and chemical (e.g. tars, carbon monoxide) effects associated with smoking.

Place a fresh nicotine cartridge between the two parts of the mouthpiece and click them together, breaking the cartridge seals and making the nicotine available when the inhaler is puffed on.

Use of the inhaler can be with shallow puffs or with deep inhalations – either way is equally effective.

Each cartridge will last approximately 20 minutes of intense use. If you use the inhaler less intensively, then the cartridge may last longer.

Individuals usually develop a technique which suits them best and gives them the best results.

One cartridge will not last the whole day (you may feel you are still getting something from the cartridge but it is just residual flavour).

The precautions listed with regards to nicotine gum also apply to nicotine inhalers.

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